Hackamore Training Videos

The Hackamore is a great way to train a horse from starting the young horse, to a turn at a touch finished performance horse.
With over thirty years of experience with the use of the California Hackamore, Steve takes you step by step on how to use the Hackamore, Bosal and Bosalito.
Each 30 minute video shows you traditional Vaquero training and classical dressage techniques that are gentle and progressive.
These training methods will build communication and confidence between you and your horse.
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The Palo Verde

The Palo Verde is an old school Spanish lunging technique that uses a pole to train the horse instead of a lunge pen. This is an effective way of teaching the horse to lunge because it makes the horse pay greater attention to the trainer. When using a lunge pen the horse is controlled by the fence, but with the use of a pole for lunging the horse must respond to the lunge line and trainer.

The First Days Under Saddle

Starting a horse is one of the most important times in a horses training and will set the tone for the rest of their lives. In this 30 minute video Steve will take you step by step on how to use the 3/4 inch Hackamore to develop that all important communication. Using gentle ground training along with the training from the Palo Verde make those first days easy on horse and rider.

Four Quarter Control

Training a horse to respond to leg pressure is an important part of their training. In this 30 minute video Steve takes you step by step on developing control of the four quarters of the horse with your legs. Using a gentle dressage technique you will learn how to use your leg to control the shoulders and hind quarters of your horse. This is useful in doing lead changes, flat spins and more.

Flexion and Collection

Two words you hear frequently about training a horse. Simply stated, flexion is about working the horse laterally and collection is about keeping the horse working under them self and in frame. But they are intertwined in the training of a performance horse.